DAY 1 GOCEK - GOCEK ISLAND Fly to Dalaman Airport to join your yacht in Gocek; only half an hour away from the airport. The charming village of Gocek is an environmental protection area and main yachting centre. Sail to Gocek Island for a quiet night.

DAY 2 GOCEK ISLAND - EKINCIK (CAUNOS) After a leisurely breakfast, sail to Ekincik, a protected bay ideal for water-sports. An excursion with a small boat to the antique city of Caunos, also a breeding ground for Caretta Caretta turtles, will be the day's highlight. After a lunch riverside, you may wander through the ruins of several temples, an antique theater, baths and tombs. Return to the yacht and enjoy what your chef has prepared for you.

DAY 3 EKINCIK - KUMLUBUKU - LORYMA Continue cruising to the West, to Kumlubuku (Sandy Bay). As the name suggests, Kumlubuku consists of a long sandy beach surrounded by forested mountains. Time to enjoy a leisurely lunch, swim and snorkel in the aquarium clear waters. Loryma is an ancient town with the remains of a large fortress dating from 430 BC.

DAY 4 LORYMA - KECIBUKU Early morning sail to Kecibuku. Pine - covered mountains and an islet with Byzantine fortifications guard an idyllic bay. The village, Orhaniye, has great charm with a nice restaurant.

DAY 5 KECIBUKU - DATCA - KNIDOS - DATCA Datca is a small but lively town with good shopping facilities and reputable carpet shops. After lunch, sail to Knidos and explore the impressive ruins of the ancient city. Return to Datca for a night out.

DAY 6 DATCA - SERCE Cruising to the east, you will arrive in Serce, a completely land-locked harbour. A narrow entrance pens out dramatically into fjord-like bay. Ideal for swimming and water sports.

DAY 7 CLEOPATRA'S BAY - GOCEK After a nice breakfast, sail to Cleopatra's Bay, which is reportedly to have been used by Cleopatra when she escaped with Mark Anthony. Enjoy swimming and watersports.

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